Displaying tarballs as 'folders' in Konqueror's directory tree (sidebar)

9A4172 9a4172 at bk.ru
Thu Jun 22 13:18:32 BST 2006

 Hello to all!

 Since KDE 3.4.0 Konqueror displays tarballs as 'folders' in directory tree 
(folder panels in sidebar). How i can disable this behaviour? I want to 
return old behaviour (as in KDE <3.4): only 'real' directories in sidebar and 
directories and tarballs as directories in main pane.
 I searched through /usr/share/{config,apps} (general KDE configs), 
~/.kde/{config,apps} and Google but didn't find anything suitable.

 Thanks for replies and advices.

PS: sorry for my terrible English :)

With best regards,

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