Konqueror won't act upon new file association set up in Control Centre

Matthew Munro denormalised at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jun 18 14:16:46 BST 2006

I have installed wine and created a shell script to
run irfanview (a w32 graphics file viewer) in wine.

Here's what works.  In Control Centre, I have added a
file association with the irfanview shell script to
the `image/jpeg' type, and put it at the top of the
application preference order.  When I double click on
a jpeg, it opens.

What doesn't work is this.  I have set up a new type,
`image/crw', to handle my Canon RAW files.  I have
supplied `*.crw' as the filename pattern, entered
`Canon RAW File'  as the description and, as before,
installed `irfanview' in the application preference
order.  And yet a file matching the given filename
pattern will not be dispatched to irfanview.  Instead,
it is opened in what I have configured as the default
application for `all/allfiles', KHexEdit.

Is there some other file type registration that I
should have performed?  What's going on?

Of course, Konqueror has invited me to `open with'
something instead of KHexEdit, but I have the idea
that this should not be necessary.

The version in use is Konqueror 3.5.1-5 Red Hat (using
KDE 3.5.1-2.3 Red Hat).

Thanks for reading.  Please help.

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