Shift-key status gets reset

Roy W. Andersen ensnared at
Sat Jun 17 19:55:43 BST 2006


I'm having this strange problem happening in KDE (Kubuntu Dapper). When
I work with any text-editor (or anywhere else for that matter), I don't
use the mouse much, so I select text by holding the shift-key (and
sometimes the ctrl-key) and using the arrow-keys and the home/end-keys.
This works as one would expect, but every 5 seconds or so, KDE acts as
if I suddenly let go of the shift-key even if I didn't. The effect is
that the text I'm selecting is unselected once I press the arrow-keys
again, though what I want is obviously to keep selecting more text.

This seems to happen every 5 seconds regardless of what is pressed -
it's as if the keyboard is reset every 5 seconds. If I wait for 2
seconds after a "reset" and then hold the shift-key, it'll stop working
after 3 seconds and so on.

I've tried turning on and off the various keyboard-features in the KDE
Control Center, but nothing seems to be helping. As far as I know, it's
always been like this, but it wasn't in Gnome, and it doesn't happen if
I use a basic WM like Fluxbox or IceWM or whathaveyou.

Anyone have some idea what might be causing this, and how to fix it?

Roy W. Andersen
ensnared at /

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