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Bram Schoenmakers bramschoenmakers at
Sat Jun 17 16:59:09 BST 2006

Op zondag 11 juni 2006 17:54, schreef Ed Huisman:
> I have read the man pages, searched google extensively but I cannot find
> what I need (want) to know.  I am interested in making some new characters
> for amor (yes a total misuse of my time, I know) and I would like to know
> if there is a resource I could use to determine just what commands I can
> add to the rc file.  I have seen:  *Sequences= Blur= Focus= Destroy=
> Sleep=; but I was wondering if there are others and what, if any parameters
> there are and where I could get this information.  If this was the wrong
> place to post this question  I apologize.  Thanx for any help you can
> provide. *

Looking at the Amor source code (amor.cpp), there are no more command than 
you've already listed.

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Bram Schoenmakers
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