No sound at all with kde

A.J. Venter aj at
Tue Jun 13 19:23:13 BST 2006

On Tuesday 13 June 2006 20:07, Rick Miles wrote:
> I see this mesage on new installs of slackware and if you have the same
> problem it's easy to fix.
> Check the permissions on /dev/dsp. It may be that you will have to change
> your permissions to give users access. /dev/dsp is actually a symlinc
> to /dev/sound so you'll need to change that permission too.
I'm dealing with something similiar, but something is odd here, firstly it 
happens only on some cards, and not all the time either. 
And of course since /dev/sound is a DIRECTORY and /dev/dsp is meant to be a 
file... isn't THAT the problem ?
Shouldn't udev configs be modified so it's symlinked to /dev/sound/dsp 
instead ?


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