Need a clue !

Hans hans.ullrich at
Tue Jan 31 14:26:55 GMT 2006

Hi all,  
I just need a clue about a function in KDE 3.5. 

Description: In KDE3.4 I could adjust the volume using the function-keys on my 
notebook (keyboard type is "armada")

FN + arrow_up  i.e. raised volume, FN + arrow_down did it lower.
Just as the print on the keys promised. Whenever I changed volume, a window 
appeade and showed me a bar, that I could see my actually volume.

In KDE3.5 this window is not shown any more, but the key combination is still 

Now my question: Did I accidently deactivate this behaviour (the window) and 
can I reactivate it ? If yes, where is it ?

Or is this behaviour  no more implemented ? Or is this a bug ???

Please give me a clue. Thanks for your mails !

Best regards


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