problem - blue grid of squares

Malcolm Fitzgerald mfitzgerald at
Tue Jan 31 02:57:16 GMT 2006

On 27/01/2006, at 10:16 PM, Jonathan Maia wrote:

> Hello friends, I'm having one problem with  my kde !!!
> Recently, i installed kde 3.5 in my debian using apt-get!
> Kdm is starting without problems, kde too, but every time that I open
> a GUI program in Kde (every time that a window is opened), togueder
> with aplication window, a kind of  "blue grid of litlle squares"
> appears too, so I cant use the program because sometimes these litlle
> squares stay over the widgets!! To solve this, I've tried to reinstall
> Qt library, but the problem did not stop.

It's not a font installation problem is it? I messed up the 
installation of fonts once and KDE had lots of blue grid of little 


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