Kbear: Fish protocol seems not to work

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Mon Jan 30 19:35:29 GMT 2006

I've been trying to help someone out with this problem, and not using Kbear 
installed it on one of my Debian distro's. I have no problems using Fish with 
Konqueror in both directions from my 2 machines. Kbear works ok using the FTP 
protocol. I removed the key on the Debian machine 
from. /home/user_name/.ssh/known_hosts. Then started Kbear. Entered the 
IPaddress of the other machine, selected "Fish" as protocol, entered user 
name, and password, and for it to access /home/user directory. Asking it to 
connect brings up the request panel regarding the key. "Do you want to 
continue?" "Yes". Kbear then creates a new key to replace the one I had 
deleted for accessing this IPaddress. This is as far as it gets. It just 
hangs then, and doesn't connect to the address.

Anyone any suggestions?

There used to be a facility for contacting the authors of individual apps at 
kde.org, but this seems to have disappeared. But as the site is quite 
extensive, perhaps I just can't find it. (Bit like finding your way round the 
Sun Microsystems site).

In anticipation. Nigel.
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