modifying kde's right click menu

John john_82 at
Sun Jan 29 23:44:57 GMT 2006

Ok but if KDE automatically constructs it there would be little point in hard 
coding the options, even the use of embedded viewers, especially if the sort 
of flexibility implied by the freedesktop org is required - so where is the 
options file? Maybe it's loaded at run or app launch time. Must admit that I 
was surprised to find that a run kate in su mode generated 2 files but then 
I've spent too much time working in asm and worrying about uSecs.

On Sunday 29 January 2006 22:54, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Sunday 29 January 2006 23:44, John wrote:
> > I'm not too sure about anything in this area but I expected kde to
> > provide the gui for all it's base applications including menu's. If so I
> > would expect a script somewhere that sets the right click menu options.
> The context menu, or rather the actions in it are created in code.
> The structure can be hardcoded or read from a XML based description file
> (in KDE developer terminology an XMLGUI file)
> The open with is, I am almost certain about it, automatically constructed
> by KDE depending on the file's MIME type.
> However I don't know if it is the list of applications associated with that
> file type as viewers (not embedded viewers, those are for showing the
> content inside the host application) or if it depends on the list of MIME
> types listed in each program's .desktop file
> > with them as some of the .desktop file launch perfectly. The free desktop
> > org has specs for user modifiable menu's but I haven't waded though that
> > yet other than seen that only gnome and a bit of suse have a dir called
> > menu.
> That's about the application menu, which KDE implements in the K menu.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
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