Konqueror and ELSTER

John john_82 at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Jan 27 12:00:11 GMT 2006

I've had a number of problems with Konq and java that have been eventually 
greeted with the same deathly silence that you 2 are experiencing. The only 
solution I have found is to run another browser. I choose Mozilla for 2 
1) Firefox popped up a box asking if I would like to do bug reports for them.  
This reminded me of windoze - who knows what might have happened if I clicked 
ok. My understanding is that firefox has a number of security issues and such 
things really aught to be sorted out on their web pages.
2) I eventually had java problems with Firefox. An update exactly as described 
on the web site resulted in it hanging on launch.
Mozilla installed cleanly and so far has worked correctly on every site I have 
visited. Only problems are that mail to links don't work and I would rather 
do page translations with babelfish not google. I haven't really tried to 
sort that out yet. It will also be interesting to see if unlike Konq tabbed 
pages function in the same manner as the main window.

An interesting feature on any browser would be the facility to link to any 
translation service.


On Thursday 26 January 2006 16:23, Joerg Stadermann wrote:
> On Thursday 26 January 2006 16:59, Georgi Ivanov wrote:
> > Why don't you just use the java plug-in in Konqueror ?
> > Settings->Plugins
> No, that doesn't work. That's what my problem is about. The java
> plugin doesn't register with konqueror. Konqueror uses the jre
> directly, but if you can tell me how to register the plugin
> please do ;-)
> Joerg
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