scim + skim + utf-8 + spanish = no accents

David Erosa García soulnet at
Wed Jan 25 18:29:57 GMT 2006

Hi, I'm using KDE 3.5.0 from Debian SID.

I've installed scim and skim in order to have japanese input. I
switched from es_ES.8859-15 to es_ES.UTF-8 and everything works fine
until I try to write [áéíóú] characters on any QT based aplication.
Gtk[2] based applications work fine (I wrote those characters from
I tried changing keyboard setting from Kcontrol, but nothing helps. I
googled a lot and found people with similar problems, but never got an
answer. Could it be a scim problem? I followed scim's wiki
documentation on installing debian packages and configuration, so I
can't figure the root of the problem...

Any hint?

Thank you all.
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