The KDE mediamanager is not running.

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at
Wed Jan 25 08:11:46 GMT 2006

On Wednesday, 25 January 2006 04:09, Karol Krizka wrote:
> "The KDE mediamanager is not running."
> That's the error I get everytime I login into KDE. It started eversince I
> updated HAL, so I suppose there is a library dependency problem somewhere.
> Does anyone know what library I should recompile? I use gentoo.

You're at the wrong place: this is a Gentoo problem. There are two solutions:

a) you don't need the mediamanager: you can deactivate it in the control 
center/kde components/service manager

b) you really want it. then, from the gentoo-user list:

>You probably emerged versions of hal and dbus that are incompatible with
>your KDE. KDE 3.4 needs hal <0.5, KDE 3.5 needs hal >=0.5.

>Just got this last night - the problem is that the new dbus/hal changed 
>the shared library they use. revdep-rebuild should solve the problem (in 
>my case it made me rebuild kioslaves and k3b.)

I did no t try b) myself, give it a try


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