Cut/paste of multiple lines in konsole?

Michael Mauch michael.mauch at
Tue Jan 17 19:54:48 GMT 2006

Andrew Chuah wrote:

> I'm trying to cut and paste multiple lines in konsole from
> less.However, konsole always inserts a newline after each line in less
> (even though less is just wrapping the text). Therefore, to cut and
> paste one cmdline, I have to cut/paste 4 times...

I think this is more a problem of less, not konsole. You could try "-r"
in less (but long lines are mangled then, sometimes).

> Is there a solution to this? I'm using konsole 1.3.1

If that's your shell script, you could insert newlines - you can use a
backslash as the last character to continue a line.


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