KNotify = Rediculous

andrew kar akar3d at
Sat Jan 7 03:04:16 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 27 December 2005 11:07, Ryan wrote:
> You know, if Gnome did the same thing, you may have had a point.  But
> Gnome, using the same arts server, has no problem what so ever.  So stfu
> u complete moron.  Theres a bug report for this problem already, and
> someone even submitted a patch for it, but the KDE team just ignores it
> like its not a problem and no one has the balls to speak up about it in
> the lists.

Yep! Only YOU of the millions using linux have the balls to smash this 
conspiracy of silence. Sadly Neil you have once again proved that a little 
knowledge is a dangerous thing. I attribute you a little knowledge at least 
because you are using linux but dont let your head get as big as your balls 
and presume that you are capable of even the most primitive diagnosis.
I have however found your problem; its because your system is so grossly 
misconfigured that your Gnome uses the arts server even though gnome audio 
apps are not arts enabled. This lead me to believe that your KDE is probably 
using Gnomes ESD sound server and that is probably why it doesnt work!  

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