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Francisco Quntero frankvgf at
Fri Jan 6 16:36:20 GMT 2006

  My best wishes to you all. 
  I am studying programming and I am marveled at the things you people can do with C++ , which my professors say is the foundation for the whole Linux development. 
  I have been following this list fr a couple of weeks and I feel much too humble with my folllowing request for help. 
  I am sure my doubts and confusion will seem trivial to you guys, for which I ask you to forgive me. 
  We need to know the relations among standard libraries, particularly to handling the screen and general I/O, in terms of 
     - Dependency - Parallelism - Conflict - or persona preference;  
     ... among the following: 
   X  lib. 
  I am one of a group of students who must develop a fairly large, college project (Registartion, courses, grades, students general control; and so on) and it must be 1005 portable among Linux platforms; and preferably also to MS-Windows (Sorry for my language).
  We already know this is probably already available in  the Free Software community, but our goal is precisely to do this ourselves, as a pre-thesis project. 
  Key Words are:
  Efficient: Fast and small in terms of resources demanded. 
  Is it possible to have the very same application running on various clients, over Gnome, KDE, QT, Unix Curses and plain X-lib; just by recompiling the same source code, "infested" with a ziollion IFDEF´s ? 
  Please refer us to any source of doc, English or Spanish ...
  Thanks a lot. 
  Cabimas, Venezuela

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