start up sound

Mack Johnson m_nez_j at
Thu Jan 5 02:43:52 GMT 2006

this is the error-

sound server informational message:
error while initializing the sound driver:
couldn't connect to server
the sound server will continue, using the null output device. 

btw i'm running osx, kde installed from fink.

On Wednesday, January 04, 2006, at 04:50PM, Karol Krizka <kkrizka at> wrote:

>On Wednesday 04 January 2006 12:55, Mack Johnson wrote:
>> i have kde 3.4, most of the time i have no start up sound when the splash
>> screen comes on. once in a great while the staet up sound works. the error
>> says something about a "sound server failed" what could i do tofix this..
>There is a reason why it failed with the message too, inside the brackets I 
>think. Could you paste that error message here?
>Karol Krizka
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