Kmail Configuration attempts since 6 Dec 05 Linux Nebies update.

JACKIE AINSWORTH jackieinbosham at
Mon Jan 2 14:10:25 GMT 2006

Cc: Nigel Henry.

Hi! Linux newbie's here again. (On dial up).
Still near bottom of learning curve.
Progress Update.
Re our continuing quest to configure KMail since 6th Dec.
This might be our problem.
Just got "Report bug" messages trying to configure KMail for ISP
btopenword AND brand NEW gmail account!  :"But then from
site "don't report if your KDE [kernel is old 2.6" {with  KDE 3.2 all
distributed with our original SuSE 9.1 CD boot..]      So..........We
recently given a hand built tower which is reportedly 'a lot more
powerful' than our current antique 'Gateway' which sometimes aborted
patch updates due to lack of disk space:- 'your dma is on and can't
switch it off'.:-  (The spec of  unbranded new handbuilt tower we not
yet explored.) We hope soon to boot this from cold with a DVD 'cover disk' of SuSE 10 which features Linux
Kernel 2.6.13 KDE 3.4.2 . First we have to copy from this tower, the
configuration for our 3Com U.S. Robotics 56K message modem to use to
configure our new tower to it.  We could be off line for a while until
we boot and configure our new tower (which apparently is preinstalled
with MS XP.)
Hopefully, the SuSE 10 will lack any bugs which may be contributing to
our KMail configuration problems!  We hope inform on progress or ask
questions as soon as back on line with new tower.
Cheers for all the help so far.
Jackie and Jim.
ERROR messages were simply: "Please send a full bug report to ERROR-KMAIL  Unknown Error Code 0      Could not
log into The server terminated the connection
immediately. [ HISTORY:-  We had no success configuring KMail for new
gmail account. With our current ISP it works only for
POP3 but not smtp.] -  We have not gone for a pay by minute ISP
account because we are high users and tend to dial up many times per
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