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Sat Feb 25 12:40:41 GMT 2006

On Saturday 25 February 2006 05:30, sol & diederic wrote:
> Hi,
> I can connect to 2 ISPs (X and Y) using dial-up.
> Connections occur.  However, I can sned and receive though X with no
> problem. I've set Y up similar to X, using of course an other address and
> password, same port 110 receiving (pop3 acc) and sending smpt, port 25.
> When connected to Y and sending a message, for example to myself at X, the
> following error message appears:
> Sending failed.
> Message sending failed since the following recipients were rejected by the
> server: myself at X Recipient address rejected. Access denied.
> something about keeping in outbox.
> The follwing protocol was used: kwik (which is the name of isp X)
> end
> However, I'm connected to Y.
> If connected to X I can send the same message to myself at Y.
> So my question is how to I set KMail to accept 2 isps? Kontact 1.1.2;
> Using MandrivaLinux 2006.
> Any suggestion would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> Diederic

Hi Diederic.  I too have 2 ISP accounts. The second one is only a pay by the 
minute backup. I can receive mail from both accounts no matter which ISP I am 
connected to, but for sending mail you seem to need to have the SMTP account 
for whichever ISP your logged into, set as default by moving it up to the top 
of the list. 

I think what is happening, is. You are connected to X, but the SMTP account is 
set as default for sending through the SMTP server belonging to Y, which it 
won't do, and is why the mail stays in the outbox. I'd love to be proved 
wrong, but think the only option is to reset the default SMTP account to 
whichever ISP you're logged into, if you want to send mail through both ISP's 
SMTP servers.

I suppose the alternative is to use Kmail for one of the ISP accounts, and 
another e-mail client for the other ISP, but that sounds a bit of a hack.  
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