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Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at
Tue Feb 21 16:59:16 GMT 2006

On Monday 20 February 2006 17.43, carlobetta at wrote:
> I installed Kubuntu 5.10 but, during installation, the program did'nt take
> me the choice of a root password. When installation was done, I tried to
> upgrade my system using Package Manager: it asked me the root password and
> I had'nt the access to the upgrade, 'cause I have no root password. How can
> I do now? Thanks everybody for help!
> Carlo - Parma (Italy)

(K)Ubuntu has no root password. You have the following possiblities:

a) your user was automaticaly added to the sudoers group, so if you are asked 
for a ("root")password, simply give your user password. If you want to do 
something with root rights, type sudo <your command>

b) if you think the (K)Ubuntu developers are stupid and you *really* want a 
root user, open a konsole and type "sudo passwd root". Now root has a 
password and you can use su (but when Kubuntu asks for a root password it 
still means your user's password, so it's a bit confusing. It's even possible 
(but not recommended) to modify KDE to accept root logins.

c) install another Debian-based distro that still uses the root user (Mepis 
for sure, Knoppix probably).


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