Use only one Screen on DUAL Head Graphic Card

Axel Bauer axel.bauer at
Mon Feb 20 15:48:25 GMT 2006

My PC has a Dual Head Graphic Card. The X-Server is configured to use both 
Displays, but not in Xinerama Mode. The Problem is that KDE starts on both 
displays, but it should start on one display only. I searched for the 
corresponding "switch" in the configuration, but I was unsuccessful and 
want to ask you for assistance.

Background: The system acts as a test pattern generator. On the "normal" 
screen, which should be served by KDE, the normal user interaction is 
done. On the second screen (no KDE, pure X-Server) I set different 
background images (which represents the VGA test patterns) using the 
xsetbg command.
I built similar systems in the past using the FVWM2 manager instead of 
KDE. (FVWM2 can be started using the option

Axel Bauer

Philips Medical Systems GmbH
Hewlett-Packard-Str 2
71034 Böblingen

Phone: +49 7031 463 - 1025
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