audio cutout why? Fix= ??

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Sat Feb 18 01:08:05 GMT 2006

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subj:   audio cutout why?  Fix= ??
   I opened Kaffeine and sound clips today, and there's no sound. Have been using this KDE on linux for about 4 years. I troublehot whatever I could: all wires and connections OK, earphones swapped are fine; also checked the other players-- Amarok and Xmms. No sound.  In the Kaffeine Handbook, one file is "Control Center Modules", and in that [non-alphabetically!] is "Sound System". However, Mike McBride's article there doesn't tell you how to get INTO where you can configure the aRts server, which I take it has some sound controls. I'd like to at least check whether they've set some Volume to zero, if you think that could be the problem.  How do I access any master sound controls, if there are any? Do you think this has to be a hardware/card problem? How can I check?  Many thanks,  Liss H.
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