Failure to open imap postbos correctly

Henk Weebers hamw at
Thu Feb 16 21:35:32 GMT 2006

Untill about week ago, all operations with kmail were going well. Now, 
when I
open kmail, it does find all read and unread mail in the inbox and
subdirectories, but then when I point to the inbox, it
starts to search for something till it breaks operation of kmail.
Pointing to a subdirectory, kmail functions normal.

My investigations: I opened a new user with the same imap postbox. It
appears to have no problems. I don't have problems with imap in mozilla-mail
  or imap in Thunderbird in Windos XP.
So, the problem seems to be caused somewhere in /home/user/.kde/share/ and
subdirectories and not at the imap server.  I removed  apps/kmailrc and
started kmail again without result.

I use SuSE linux 10.0 and kmail 1.9.1 (kde 3.5.1)
What could be wrong and how can I repair?


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