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John john_82 at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Feb 10 14:23:20 GMT 2006

Thanks Nigel
I didn't save the capture so I have done another one. Looks like it's a 
general KDE or Linux thing. The router has an adsl modem built in so I assume 
the arp transmissions are just to check what's connected to it.
I have run ethereal first thing after a reboot before anything else has run. 
The captures then just show the arp transmission. This time I had been using 
the web so the dns queries after them are different.

Note the korean whois. It's something we could all do from time to time to 
help make the web a better place. There has been a number of spam emails 
about recently that ask for ebay or bank details usually claiming a server 
upgrade or something. They stick a gif over the link to a spoof web site. 
Sometimes the gif is a link to the correct one on a legitimate web site. I 
forward them marked Fraud to abuse@<their  isp>. A search for <country whois> 
sometimes helps there when the usual whois services don't give full 
May seem pointless to some but the ebay one caught a lot of people out.


On Thursday 09 February 2006 01:56, you wrote:
> Hi John. Sorry for the delay. Can you send me a bit of the capture from
> Ehtereal? Perhaps about 100 entries. I'll try to see what I can make of it.
> Don't worry about the ARP stuff. Thats just checking if the other machine,
> or in your case, the router still exists on the network.
> Regarding Kmail, there should be nothing showing in the Ethereal capture,
> unless you click on "Check mail in" , or have it set up to check at
> intervals. I manually check my mail, and would have thought that if you
> have it shut down, it would not be possible for it to check at intervals.
> You could always run ps auxw from the CLI when Kmail is closed to see
> whether it's still showing as an app that is active. Nigel.
> Hi
> I have managed to track down 2 of the sources of my mysterious network
> traffic. One was a cups broadcast to the whole world be the other seems to
> be entirely down to kmail.
> Ethereal shows two arp packets that presumably come from my router. Maybe
> some one could enlighten me - I'm not sure. These are followed with dns
> requests for pop addresses at my isp which would be fair enough if kmail
> was running but are some what peculiar as it has been shut down. These
> packets including the responses from the dns service are followed by 2 more
> arp  packets.
> Is this is  a kmail shut down bug or what? It's one I'm not too happy about
> so what can be done about it?

Suse 10.0
KDE 3.4.2 B
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