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Radu Filip radu at
Wed Feb 8 02:33:04 GMT 2006

Hi Justin,

I am not using the "Subscribed Folders" feature. Some of the folders do not contains any kind og mailing lists e-mails all. 

Thanks for the hack, unfortunatelly I cannot afford to try it. Email is very important for my work and I have no room (time) for experimtents.

Since KDE 3.5.1, altough I've noticed the problem again, it seems to occure a bit more rare than before. I think that somehow a number of "events" trigger (indivudually or conjugated) this behaviour: perhaps I did not trimmed them down enough, but here they are based on recent experience:
setting custom icons on folders
setting Expire feature on folders
closing KMail before finishing to get all the mail from all the folders in a cerain cycle of retrieving/syncing email

Thank you,

On Tuesday 07 February 2006 08:12, Justin Denick wrote:
> Hi Radu,
> Does the folder appear in your "Subscribed Folders?" If not attempt to add
> it there.
> Also, and this is more of a hack than a fix:
> If you can assume functionality by using both Pine and Mutt (you can see
> and peruse all of your IMAP folders and
> you at yourIMAPbox# cyradmin -u "you" "your IMAPname"
>      > lam*
> Gives you an accurate description of your folder/s/
> All that being the case-- Try recreating the account on your *nix box.
> Backup your .path/kmail and .path/kmailrc Then blow them away.
> But like I said that is more of a hack than a fix. Sometimes they simply
> work.
> Good Luck!!
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