dual apple cinema 20" displays running kde 3.5.1 remote

Michael Steinfeld mikeisgreat at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 06:58:55 GMT 2006

I use kde 3.5.1 off of another machine on my LAN ( I know that is not
the best way )

and I have 2 apple 20" displays .. OS X allows you to run the x server rootless

so when I ssh into my other box and execute startkde ... I get the
best of both worlds ...

I get to run kde on top of my apple desktop... sure there are some
performance issues, but with my lan speed and the hardware  .. it's
not all that bad.

anyhow, I didnt see where this question came up .. however, when I
startkde it only recognizes one display, but I am able to share my kde
apps between both.

kde kinda takes over my apple desktop and leaves my second display
looking as if it has no window manager.

Can I somehow configure KDE to play a little nicer? either use the
other display, or something a little more trivial, away to set the kde
background on the other display.

I can either run kde on top of my apple desktop or switch between them
with hotkeys.

which I dont mind doing it like that if I can get kde to recognize the
dual displays, which it sorta does since the startkde splash is half
on one display and half on the other.

any suggestions?

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