KDE, psi и xterm

Denis Kostousov sandello at permonline.ru
Thu Feb 2 12:06:35 GMT 2006

Доброго времени суток, all

I tried to use KDE as Desktop Environment instead Gnome. I had got two problems after start KDE:
1. the xterm mode "UTF-8" not start when I start xterm via KMenu or Run Command Applet
2. xterm not use configuration from X server resource database: foreground must be gray but xterm start with black,
background must be black but xterm start with white
3. When I activate pgp-enabled account in Psi (jabber client), the password-prompt window not shown and the Psi can't
establish connection with server :-(

All of this works in Gnome correctly. What I do wrong?

My PC description:

Fedora Core 4

$ xrdb -query -all|grep -i vt100
*VT100*color0:  black
*VT100*color1:  red3
*VT100*color10: green
*VT100*color11: yellow
*VT100*color12: blue
*VT100*color13: magenta
*VT100*color14: cyan
*VT100*color15: white
*VT100*color2:  green3
*VT100*color3:  yellow3
*VT100*color4:  blue3
*VT100*color5:  magenta3
*VT100*color6:  cyan3
*VT100*color7:  gray90
*VT100*color8:  gray30
*VT100*color9:  red
*VT100*colorBD: white
*VT100*colorMode:       on
*VT100*colorUL: yellow
*VT100*dynamicColors:   on
BlueTerm*VT100*boldFont:        fixed
BlueTerm*VT100*boldMode:        false
BlueTerm*VT100*color0:  black
BlueTerm*VT100*color1:  red3
BlueTerm*VT100*color10: green
BlueTerm*VT100*color11: yellow
BlueTerm*VT100*color12: blue
BlueTerm*VT100*color13: magenta
BlueTerm*VT100*color14: cyan
BlueTerm*VT100*color15: white
BlueTerm*VT100*color2:  sea green
BlueTerm*VT100*color3:  goldenrod
BlueTerm*VT100*color4:  royal blue
BlueTerm*VT100*color5:  magenta3
BlueTerm*VT100*color6:  #007474
BlueTerm*VT100*color7:  lightgray
BlueTerm*VT100*color8:  gray50
BlueTerm*VT100*color9:  red
BlueTerm*VT100*colorBD: deep sky blue
BlueTerm*VT100*colorBDMode:     on
BlueTerm*VT100*cursorColor:     blue
BlueTerm*VT100.Scrollbar.background:    steel blue
BlueTerm*VT100.Scrollbar.foreground:    black
BlueTerm*VT100.Scrollbar.thumb: royal blue
BlueTerm*VT100.Scrollbar.width: 9
BlueTerm*VT100.background:      midnight blue
BlueTerm*VT100.foreground:      cornflower blue
XTerm*VT100*boldFont:   -*-courier-medium-r-bold-*-12-*-75-*-*-*-*-*
XTerm*VT100*font:       -*-courier-medium-r-normal-*-14-*-75-*-*-*-iso10646-1
XTerm*VT100*geometry:   120x50

$ xrdb -query -all|grep -i xterm
XTerm*VT100*boldFont:   -*-courier-medium-r-bold-*-12-*-75-*-*-*-*-*
XTerm*VT100*font:       -*-courier-medium-r-normal-*-14-*-75-*-*-*-iso10646-1
XTerm*VT100*geometry:   120x50
XTerm*background:       black
XTerm*cursorColor:      white
XTerm*foreground:       gray
XTerm*metaSendsEscape:  true
XTerm*saveLines:        10000
xterm*background:       #ffffff
xterm*foreground:       #000000
xterm.SimpleMenu*background:    #e6e6e6
xterm.SimpleMenu*foreground:    #000000

$ rpm -qa psi

KDE version:  3.5.0-0.4.fc4 Red Hat
Release:  2.6.15-1.1824_FC4

$ xterm -version
X.Org 6.8.2(207)

Denis Kostousov
email: sandelloTHEDOGpermonline.ru
jabber: sandelloATjabber.org
fingerprint: FE3D 60AF E08D 2D2A 6A8B  C891 70BB 0665 F047 ADAE

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