Disable Trash completely

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Thu Dec 28 20:38:06 GMT 2006


| You can call the kde trash from commandline. Write a script file with the 
| name "trash" (or whatever you like) with the following content:
| kfmclient move $@ trash:/

I think 

   kfmclient move "$@" trash:/

is more robust.  When the filenames contain blanks, $@ and "$@"
behave differently (and the latter does the correct thing). (*)
I mean this situation, say,

   $ trash 'file name'

(*) Usually, a double-quoted string is a single string;
for example, "$USER's home directory is $HOME." is a single string.
But, "$@" is an exception (and I think it's the only exception).
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