Problem closing konq with multiple tabs

Ritesh Raj Sarraf rrs at
Tue Dec 26 09:48:33 GMT 2006

kitts wrote:

> I just discovered an issue with closing konqueror when there are multiple
> tabs.
> When attempting to close the konq window, i get asked if i really want to
> close all tabs. No problem if i choose 'yes', but if i choose to cancel, i
> get a kde window informing me that the window is not responding giving me
> the option to either terminate it or keep it running. This should only come
> up when konq has crashed but it continues to work fine after i cancel.
> Does anyone else experience this? I am operating on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) with
> KDE 3.5.5.

No. I don't see this problem happening with me.
I'm running Debian KDE 3.5.5

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