Using the FlyingWindows key

Boyan Tabakov blade.alslayer at
Thu Dec 14 22:27:11 GMT 2006

On 14.12.2006 16:53, Gary L. Greene, Jr. wrote:
> On Thursday 14 December 2006 10:01, Boyan Tabakov wrote:
> > On 14.12.2006 16:49, Justin Denick wrote:
> > > Sure, you can map the key using the KDE Control Center > Regional &
> > > Accessibility > Input actions.
> > >
> > > On 12/14/06, John Meyer <john.l.meyer at> wrote:
> > > > Is there anyway to tie the FlyingWindows key to a particular event,
> > > > such as raising the kde menu or opening up konquerer?
> >
> > Here (SuSE 10.1 KDE 3.5.5) I am allowed to use the Win key only in
> > combination of another one. (In the shortcuts dialog a = sign appears
> > after the Win, not allowing me to set ONLY win to some action/shortcut).
> > Know a workaround? I remember that I saw this working once on some
> > Mandriva release, but didn't look into any kde settings back then...
> While I disagreed with this change by the core devs, they removed the
> ability to set a single key to be used to trigger actions (a la Win key)
> unless they are Function keys. This is why I've at this point mapped the
> left and right Win keys to F13 and F14 and the context menu key to F15.
> Unfortunately this makes it impossible to have the Win key bind in
> combination for events, like the Win+R shortcut in Windows. If I have the
> time, I'll likely patch that again to re-introduce this aspect for my
> builds.

To be honest, it is not so important to me to set actions to Win key alone 
(Win+R for Run is something I use really often, though). There are enough 
keys around. But since it looks more like a 'function key' rather than 
a 'modifier key', it feels right to be able to do so. Anyway, I don't use it 
to bring the KMenu:) I barely use KMenu at all!

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