Amarok need Ruby??

Marek Franke mfranke78 at
Tue Dec 12 08:53:13 GMT 2006

"Rashid N. Achilov" <achilov-rn at> schrieb: Yesterday I had jave tried to setup amarok 1.4.4 instead of 1.3.8. I had very 
surprised and _very_ frustrated, when I have seen, that amarok port tried to 
install Ruby!! Why? Why 1.3.8 didn't need it, but 1.4.4 need? What is a awful 
trend? CVsup need Modula, and I must install it. KOffice need Pyton and I 
have to install it, in spite of that I do not need Python completely for my 
work and it messed only my HDD. Now amarok need Ruby?AFAIK amarok need ruby because there are some plugins based on ruby.

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