DCOP problem when running a kde appremotely(withDISPLAYredirect)

Com Pegasus-CC-Hotline pegasus-cc-hotline.com at siemens.com
Mon Aug 28 17:24:07 BST 2006

Hi Kevin,
thank you for the tips.

However, things became much worse, as I had to realize,
that my 2.4 linux mini system doesn't have ALSA modules anyway, 
only OSS, so the whole thing is damned to fail :-( 
I think, these soundcard switches are not supported at all
by OSS, but of course now it is really offtopic here.

Thanks for investigation!

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Betreff: Re: [kde] DCOP problem when running a kde appremotely(withDISPLAYredirect)

On Friday 25 August 2006 15:22, Com Pegasus-CC-Hotline wrote:
> Now I think about copying the dcopserver with all its shared
> libs to the mini-system and try to start a dcopserver over there.
> What would be missing then? Some config files? Some more servers?
> Too much to even try it, or good chance for success?

You can check by running just kmix in a new session on your usual machine.
Login with fallback/failsafe X setup and start kmix
I think it will start kdeinit, dcopserver and klauncher and kded

I guess you will only need dcopserver


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