no more unicode in 3.5.4

Pavel Troller patrol at
Mon Aug 28 12:03:52 BST 2006

> I just upgraded from 3.5.1 to 3.5.4.
> I use Bitstream Vera Sans 8 in most parts of KDE.
> Now, in 3.5.1, KDE apps as well as others were capable of displying certain 
> unicode signs like japanese Kanji like for example here:
> In all other apps still works fine: qt apps like Opera, gtk2 apps like 
> Firefox.
> But konq = no go, same with klipper and others.
> I used Vera before, no changes here either.
> Now - what happened? There where other upgrades, too, like X (6.9.0) and 
> fontconfig. Don't know where to investigate.
> Dex
  I'm regularly updating KDE 3.5 branch for every week (by means of svn update
and recompile). I've never encountered a problem with unicode (but I don't use
Vera because they don't contain characters for my locale (czech)). However, 
using other fonts makes no problem, all characters including Kanji look OK.
  So, maybe
  - your KDE 3.5.4 package is broken
  - another upgrade broke it (both X (contains the fonts) as well as fontconfig
    can be guilty).
               With regards, Pavel Troller
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