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Ryo Furue furue at
Fri Aug 25 03:40:56 BST 2006

Hi Robert and KDE users,

| >  Thanks for your quick response and sorry for the wrong Subject
| >  line.  (I "replied" to an existing message.  I meant to change
| >  the subject but forgot to do so.)  Thanks also for letting me
| >  know the debian-kde list.
| Changing the subject still won't help much for threaded messages.
| You should start you own thread when you have a question.

I did: I deleted all thread-related info from my inital email
message.  In that respect, the message was precicely equivalent
with a "fresh" one.  (I'm using an email editor, where you have
an exact control over your email-header fields.)  The only
mistake I made was that I forgot to change the subject.
That shows my brain wasn't working well. :-)

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