Problem in Viewing Attachments in Pine using ark and gvim

R. C. Hansdah hansdah at
Wed Aug 23 14:38:58 BST 2006


     I have set mailcap  and mime.types files appropriately. However, from
pine attachments, I can view
only pdf files using acroread, ps files using gsview, doc, ppt files using
ooffice. When it comes to viewing tar or tar.gz or tgz attachments, ark
appropriately recognizes the type of the file, but asks you  to confirm.
At this point of time, file has already been copied to /tmp, and can be
copied and viewed independently. But the moment you confirm, file
structure is extracted, and shown, but the file gets deleted. Therfore,
any further query to ark reports failure.

This does not happen with gsview, acroread or ooffice in which case the
file in /tmp is  deleted only after the viewer is closed. Hence this looks
like a problem with ark. Similar things happen with gvim.

Also, in konqueror, double click on a file with extension tar.gz, tgz, or
tar gives only a hierarchical view in the same    window even though in
file association , I have ark as the application to be invoked. I can
invoke ark using right click, but ark should also get invoked with double

Any help on this problem? I am using fedora core 5 that has kde 3.5.1-1.2


-R. C. Hansdah

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