DCOP appears to go deaf when switching from kwin to cgwd

Marek Wawrzyczny marekw1977 at yahoo.com.au
Wed Aug 23 01:15:36 BST 2006

Hi all,

I know, I'm a sucker for eye-candy and I'm using untested software... but can 
you blame me? :)

I've been running Xgl and compiz on KDE 3.5.4. I've hit the Sun Java bug:


My current solution has been to switch from cgwd to kwin whenever I need Java 
(I need to run Sun's JDK 1.5). However, on subsequent switch from kwin back 
to cgwd, I find that DCOP appears to no longer respond.

Is there a way to reset/restart DCOP within a running session?

Many thanks,

Marek Wawrzyczny
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