SpamAssissan Block List

Robert Spangler bms at
Wed Aug 16 22:26:16 BST 2006

On Wed August 16 2006 10:58, Bob Richards wrote:

>  >  What I was hoping for was some sort of file that
>  > SpamAssissan would write to so that I could  change the blocked
>  > addresses from  user at to
>  Ahhh.... you want to alter the blocking rule based on a spam's domain.

Yes,  most of the spammers are using the same domain just keep on changing the 
user side of things.

>  I have never done that, but looking at  "perldoc Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf"
>  under "preprocessor" and below; it appears that facility is available. 
> Looks like all you have to do is write a pre-processor regex rule.
>  Perhaps a spamassassin guru here can provide some more details?

I hope so as I am not a programmer.  Thnx for everything.



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