How to get hyperlinks in Kmail to open Firefox

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at
Tue Aug 8 22:27:45 BST 2006

On Tuesday 08 August 2006 22:07, LeVA wrote:
> 2006. August 8. 19:06, Nigel Henry:
> > I have problems on some sites with Konqueror when clicking on
> > hyperlinks in Kmail. Sourceforge for downloads is a big problem,
> > resulting in a locked up Konqueror using 100% CPU. Same goes for my
> > ISPs site for some stuff, and now a French learning site is giving me
> > problems.
> If these problems persists, then you should report those bugs. Of course
> after you've installed the latest stable version, and tried to
> reproduce with that.
> [...]

Thats probably a waste of time with Sourceforge. They appear to be obsessed 
with ads now on their site. I used to be able to download ok from their site 
with Konqueror, but not now. FC2 is working fine, although I'm expecting to 
lose security fixes from Fedora Legacy any day now. I don't really want to 
risk upgrading KDE on FC2, and possibly screwing the desktop up. I believe 
the problem is not so much with Konqueror, but with some specific sites, 
Sourceforge for instance.

I also have FC3,4, and 5 running on these 2 machines, and see similar problems 
with Konqueror on some sites. 

> > I've looked in "Control Centre >KDE Components > Component Chooser,
> > but the webbrowser isn't in it.
> I can not recall the 3.2.2 version of KDE, and neither can tell what
> sort of hacks and quirks are in your FC2 version. Maybe the "Web
> Browser" component was implemented later or maybe the Fedora guys just
> ripped it off >:) (I have that component using 3.5.3)
> Another solution would be to change the program associated with html
> files. But of course it is possible that emails includes http URLs with
> other than .html extensions (php, cgi etc...), and changing all the
> associations is rather an unelegant and not preferred way :)
> HTH,
> Daniel

Thanks for your comments.

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