What is eating my Shift-F12?

Kees Bakker kees.bakker at altium.nl
Tue Aug 8 10:49:20 BST 2006


Recently we switched to KDE 3.5.3 (debian etch). Before we were using

One thing I noticed is that shift-F12 is eaten by something. It is not
passed to the clients. And so far, only shift-F12 seems to have gone

BTW. At home I have OpenSUSE 10.1 with 3.5.1 on a laptop, and that
has the same problem, no shift-F12.

It's weird that xev shows that the key is working alright, and I've
tried other window managers (XFCE, Windowmaker), and all these just
pass shift-F12 to the clients. And I've even move my ~/.kde and stuff
to see if it's something with my own configuration.

And another weird thing. In
  Control Center -> Regional & Accessibility -> Keyboard Shortcuts
it just lets me assign shift-F12 to whatever function I like. No warning
about reassignment. However pressing shift-F12 doesn't do anything.

Does anyone know the story about shift-F12? What application is using
it? Where should I search to find out what's wrong?

- Kees
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