per-user startup script?

Ryo Furue furue at
Thu Apr 27 21:22:03 BST 2006

Thank you all for your help.

| > Why doesn't KDE source my ~/.bash_profile ?  I want
| > to set session-wide environmental variables.  This is
| > a FAQ, 
| That's why we wrote about it in the KDE FAQ:
| :-)

THAT IS GREAT!!  I created a directory ~/.kde/env/ , put a script
named "", whose sole content is

   . $HOME/.bash_profile

Then, my .bash_profile is sourced and I get all my env. vars.

This is *the* answer to the FAQ
"Why doesn't KDE source my ~/.bash_profile ?"

Why does this remain obscure?  When I did my research,
all the answers I got from the net was:

  1) Modify the system-wide KDE startup script; or
  2) Put things into ~/.bashrc, instead of ~/.bash_profile; or
  3) Put your stuff in ~/.xsession, at the end of which
     you invoke KDE.

All these are lame hacks, and the solution Philip showed
is *the* solution.

Thanks again,
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