opening external URL's in new tabs?

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Tue Apr 18 15:12:02 BST 2006

Le Mardi 18 Avril 2006 10:30, manouchk a écrit :
> Le Mardi 18 Avril 2006 09:49, vous avez écrit :
> > Is there a way to make URL's clicked in Kmail (for example) to open in a
> > new tab i existing Konqueror-window?
> Nothing is impossible! I guess it should be possible writing some script or
> code. I just still can't figure out what code!
> > I did find the "Open as tab in
> > existing Konqueror when URL is called externally" that SHOULD logically
> > do that. But it doesn't. Reason being that if that checkbox is checked,
> > the system will check just the current desktop for running Konqueror. If
> > none is found, it will open a new window and load the URL there.
> >
> > Why is that a problem?
> Well, generally or at least sometimes, there are more than one instance of
> konqueror. For example on my computer I generally have:
> on desktop 1 => konqueror running in file manager profile
> on desktop 2 => kmail+konqueror running in webbroser profile
> The instance of konqueror that is on desktop as special name in the menu
> bar (konqueror-desktop2 for example). It may be possibly used by a script
> to know in which instance of kde the tab should be opened. Another solution
> would be to look at first instance found on the current desktop (or another
> one?)... There are numerous possibility. Only the coding way is missing to
> me. How can this be done in KDE? Using some window manager program of KDE??
> Where is the documentation of such a program that could detect window
> property and send things to the instance of the window.... ?
> > Well, I have configured my desktop in such way that
> > I have Kmail running on Desktop 1 in full-screen, and I have Desktop 2
> > dedicated for Konqueror and other apps. I have also window-specific
> > settings which tell the system to load Kmail on desktop 1, and load all
> > Konqueror-sessions in Desktop 2. If I click on a URL in Kmail, I would
> > like the constantly running Konqueror-window on Desktop 2 to load the
> > URL, but that does not happen. What happens is that the system loads a
> > new Konqueror-window (which then appears on Desktop 2, next to the old
> > Konqueror-window), and loads the URL there. Is there any way to change
> > this behavior?
> I hope so!!
> This is strange that it is not the default way it work! At least it is like
> that with kmail and firefox on mandriva. It uses the -remote option of
> mozilla-firefox if I'm not wrong
> when I look what konqueror can do :
> konqueror --help
> Usage : konqueror [options-Qt] [options-KDE] [options-KDE-tempfile]
> [options] [URL]
> well not so much interesting? Maybe the Qt options??
> I see that the doc of konqueror is in docbook format!
> /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/konqueror/commands.docbook
> ...
> How can I read that?? It may contain usefull informations?

I just found for the documentation of konqueror, just type help:konqueror in 
konqueror. I think this does not help for the problem mention in this thread

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