opening external URL's in new tabs?

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Tue Apr 18 14:30:38 BST 2006

Le Mardi 18 Avril 2006 09:49, vous avez écrit :
> Is there a way to make URL's clicked in Kmail (for example) to open in a
> new tab i existing Konqueror-window?

Nothing is impossible! I guess it should be possible writing some script or 
code. I just still can't figure out what code!

> I did find the "Open as tab in 
> existing Konqueror when URL is called externally" that SHOULD logically do
> that. But it doesn't. Reason being that if that checkbox is checked, the
> system will check just the current desktop for running Konqueror. If none
> is found, it will open a new window and load the URL there.
> Why is that a problem?

Well, generally or at least sometimes, there are more than one instance of 
konqueror. For example on my computer I generally have:
on desktop 1 => konqueror running in file manager profile
on desktop 2 => kmail+konqueror running in webbroser profile

The instance of konqueror that is on desktop as special name in the menu bar 
(konqueror-desktop2 for example). It may be possibly used by a script to know 
in which instance of kde the tab should be opened. Another solution would be 
to look at first instance found on the current desktop (or another one?)... 
There are numerous possibility. Only the coding way is missing to me. How can 
this be done in KDE? Using some window manager program of KDE?? Where is the 
documentation of such a program that could detect window property and send 
things to the instance of the window.... ?

> Well, I have configured my desktop in such way that 
> I have Kmail running on Desktop 1 in full-screen, and I have Desktop 2
> dedicated for Konqueror and other apps. I have also window-specific
> settings which tell the system to load Kmail on desktop 1, and load all
> Konqueror-sessions in Desktop 2. If I click on a URL in Kmail, I would like
> the constantly running Konqueror-window on Desktop 2 to load the URL, but
> that does not happen. What happens is that the system loads a new
> Konqueror-window (which then appears on Desktop 2, next to the old
> Konqueror-window), and loads the URL there. Is there any way to change this
> behavior?

I hope so!!

This is strange that it is not the default way it work! At least it is like 
that with kmail and firefox on mandriva. It uses the -remote option of 
mozilla-firefox if I'm not wrong

when I look what konqueror can do :

konqueror --help
Usage : konqueror [options-Qt] [options-KDE] [options-KDE-tempfile] [options] 

well not so much interesting? Maybe the Qt options??

I see that the doc of konqueror is in docbook format!

How can I read that?? It may contain usefull informations?
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