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Op dinsdag 18 april 2006 00:24, schreef Marcelo Anelli:
> Hi all,
> I am, unfotunately, new in Linux. And are in process to translating some
> applications from windows / dos to linux. All run in console or window
> ambient. The only trouble I have to solve is how configure konsole or
> another window terminal, like xterm, to use the code ibm850. Using the menu
> on konsole work fine, but from commandline I cannot achieve it.
> I have try to export LANG=es_ES, ibm850 and it work for console login, but
> not for kde environment.
> Some help for solve the issue on kde 3.4 and 3.5.2?

Configure it with the menus and save the profile (Settings->Save Profile). Now 
you can run Konsole from the command line:

konsole --profile Test

if you've called the profile Test.

Kind regards,

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