kdm restart and back into root shell from KDE

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at chch.ox.ac.uk
Mon Apr 17 08:26:01 BST 2006

Bram Kuijper wrote:

> Hi all,
> I got two KDE-related newby questions, which I posted also on the FreeBSD
> mailing list, but up to now without response.

I'm running FreeBSD, but I'm not too familiar with kdm. You could ask on the
kde at freebsd.org list, where someone will probably have the answer. That
said, here are some guesses...

> 1. How do I restart a KDE session after I changed some config files? In
> Linux this is
> /etc/init.d/kdm restart
> But since there is no init.d on FreeBSD, I'm stuck.

Since kdm is started by /etc/ttys, you might just be able to "killall kdm",
and it'll get restarted.

> 2. Is there any way I can shutdown KDE and get back to a root shell? If I
> choose 'log out' from KDE, I am still in the KDE environment and fixed to
> choose another user to login again. If I choose 'shutdown KDE', it issues
> a shutdown command to shutdown my PC, and that's also not what I want. I
> just want to shutdown KDE and get back into a root shell. Think it's an
> easy thing to configure, but where?

If you want that to be the default behaviour, just remove kdm from /etc/ttys
(check freebsd.kde.org and the FreeBSD Handbook for exact syntax of that
file). If you only want to do that sometimes, I guess just hitting
Ctrl+Alt+Fn, where 1 <= n <= 8 would be easiest.

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