Konqueror copy and save

Luiz Carlos Kobayashi kobayashi at nazkom.com.br
Mon Apr 10 16:11:45 BST 2006

I updated my suse 10.0 to use Kde 3.5.2 and noticed two things:

- if I try to copy a file to the same directory (with a different name to 
backup or edit to a new version later) either using drag and drop or ctrl-C  
ctrl-V or through the menu copy and paste, the new dialog says that it cannot 
perform because the origin and destination are the same but does not give me 
the option to save with a different name as the older one did;

- if I load a file from the internet (a pdf file for instance) and then want 
to same it to the disk it downloads the whole file again instead of using the 
copy in the temporary directory.

Are these the new behavior as expected or are they bugs? How can I get the old 
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