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Rick Miles frmrick at
Mon Apr 10 09:27:02 BST 2006

John is a darn nice person I don't care what anybody says!
> Hi
> Have solved it myself. Seems that the httrack install was at fault. Used an
> rpm for suse 10 and it seems to be working now. Would still like to know
> why the source install wont work though.
I haven't used suse in years but I seem to remember that things in suse 
sometimes go in places other than what would be considered standard in a 
linux filesystem. it might be that was the case with you. 

When you roll your own you can usually test out the ap before installing by 
finding the executable in your build directory and running it from there. 
Doesn't work with some of the bigger more complex things though and it will 
still expect libraries and other dependencies to be in a specific place.


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