Multinational character input in Kmail?

Bram Schoenmakers bramschoenmakers at
Fri Apr 7 22:28:47 BST 2006

Op vrijdag 07 april 2006 23:19, schreef r bartlett:
> Another (usablity) question for anyone familiar with Kmail:  How can I
> input accented characters in Kmail such as those needed for writing French,
> Spanish, and so on?  Currently I open up my Open Office, use "Insert
> character" to get the one I need, and then cut and paste it into my Kmail
> document.  Is there a better way?
> (I don't use HTML when composing...should I?)

No, preferably not :)

What you should do is enable those keys for all applications, not just KMail. 
Go to the KDE Configuration Centre, Regional & Accessibility and then 
Keyboard Layout. In this section you can configure your keyboard. Especially 
note the last tab, which allows you to use for example AltGr as compose key 
(for accents and stuff).

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