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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Apr 7 09:09:18 BST 2006

Michel Peru wrote:
> Hi,
> An explanation of my problem:
>   1) Imagine that I have 10 PC running Linux + KDE.
>   2) Imagine that the home directory of the user "xxx" is the same for all 
> of the PC (the home directory is NFS mounted and shared by all the PC).
>   3) Imagine that for the user "xxx" I want a different KDE desktop 
> organization for each of the PC (for exemple a different naming scheme for 
> the desktop switcher).
> How should I proceed to enable a per PC customization using a shared home 
> directory?
> Thank you for any help,

IIRC, you should not have two KDE sessions running at the same time 
which share a "$HOME/.kde" directory.  So, if you want users to share 
files, you can do this with links or with a common directory for the 
"Documents" directory (e.g. make a directory: "/home/users/Files" and 
set the Documents path in all user accounts to point to it).  In  either 
case, you need to have all of the users members of a group rather than 
their having individual private groups.

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