Access Keys enabled by default

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Sun Apr 2 17:38:19 BST 2006

Frederik Berger wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I think it's a useful feature for handicapped people to have this access
> keys, but has it really to be turned on by default??? I just disabled
> them, since I noticed the tip on Before I wondered and
> excited about it, some people in forums even tought it's a bug! I really
> don't think to have it enabled by default. It's really not enhancing
> useability for normal users.

We need a name for these "I don't use this feature, therefore it's useless"
"No, I like it, we should keep it" discussions, since I use accesskeys all
the time, though I'm not handicapped. Anyway, to address the (implicit)
point you're making, it's generally acknowledged by the developers that
"Ctrl" was a bad choice for a shortcut, and that'll be fixed in KDE 4 (and
not before, it seems).

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