openwindows/CDE look & feel for KDE

andrew kar akar3d at
Fri Sep 30 17:20:14 BST 2005

Somerville Apt wrote:

>I am a long time sun user and switched to linux/kde
>recently. I like the new OS/interface except for one
>major gripe. In the openwindows/CDE environment on
>sun, when you minimize a window, the icons reside on
>the desktop. This is convenient. But in KDE, they go
>to the taskbar and collapses things into a group when
>they grow. Anybody know how to change this so the
>minimized icons go to the desktop? 
For about the millionth or so time on this list; KDE is a desktop 
environment, not just a window manager so you can use any window manager 
that gives you a thrill.
ie: If you like the way Open works then use the olwm window manager or 
windowmaker or enlightenment or any other wm that minimises tasks to 
icons on the desktop. Or try something new and add the kasbah panel in 
Kde and remove the taskbar. It will give a similiar effect to iconised 
tasks with the advantage that like any kde panel it is infinitely 
resizable, locatable and growable so you can set it so that the icons 
start from the middle of the top of the screen and the group stays 
centred for instance plus you get the modern features like attention and 
thumbviews  of what that icons window  is doing (reaaly handy when you 
are monitoring a web page that is on another desktop.


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