OpenBSD and sound

Chris grooveman at
Wed Sep 28 02:20:30 BST 2005

Yep,  tried those.  I set the device to /dev/sound, /dev/sound0,
/dev/audio and /dev/audio0.  If there are other sound devices in
openBSD, then I don't know what they are.

I tried all the possible -a permutations as well.

I have tried Ogg, mp3 and wav.  Nothing comes through, although
sometimes I get a faint click or high pitched squeal.

Very frustrating.

Thanks Phillip.

Any other thoughts here?

Philip Rodrigues wrote:

>grooveman at wrote:
>>Thank you for the response Phillip.
>>I have visited the site that you said, and tried everything.  No dice.
>The only thing I can think of is to try messing around with the -a and -D
>switches of artsd (you can configure these in control center if you
>prefer). Perhaps OpenBSD uses some different sound device or something. Did
>you also try different audio formats? (I'd imagine that if .wav doesn't
>work, nothing will, but it's worth a try).
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